RPG BOOKS & Novels

We are currently open to purchase any of the RPG books from the following Games (ENGLISH ONLY):

  • ALL World of Darkness Settings
  • Kult RPG
  • Shadowrun RPG
  • Warhammer 40K RPG
  • Warhammer Fantasy RPG

Book conditions must have conditions ranging from New to Excellent. We might consider lower conditions in some cases. Feel free to reach us out to learn more!

We are also happy to consider Novels related to most of the settings above. Same language and conditions requirements as per the RPG Books.

If your product is not already available in the buylist, reach us out.





Get in touch at shop@cardgamegeek.com for large collections or games we haven’t yet listed (IE: Spellfire, Star Gate, Naruto,  and more)

The Buylist Guidelines

The following are guidelines that might not necessarely be enforced. If you have any questions do no hesitate to reach us out.

  • Prices are set and updated based on our selling price dynamically. 

  • Products must be in English if not differently agreed.
  • You can choose to get cash or Store Credit, by choosing Store Credit you’ll get more in value compared to cash.

  • Prices are intended for EX cards and above. Lower conditions will have to be discussed separately.

  • All payments are made through PayPal G&S. For residents of the European Union Bank Transfer can be arranged depending the value of the deal. Payment is done upon receiving the cards and checking everything is correct.

  • Payment for shipping cards to us is split by us and the seller in the majority of cases. If the seller decides to request back some or all of the cards, the return shipping will be paid by the seller via PayPal or by removal of cards that cover the cost. This can be discussed for purchases of lots/collections.

  • All cards must come from non smoking and non humid environments. Smoking / Humidity smelling items may be returned at our discretion. Any returned items will be returned at seller’s expense when they are not in the agreed conditions, the order is incomplete, and/or they are the wrong edition or type. Make sure you check versions and sets. It must be the card on the buylist so look at set, version(foil, not foil, alt foil,etc). Cost applied for the return is the same we use for shipping.

THIS IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED A FINAL OFFER TO BUY and is not legally binding, WE MAY change BUY PRICES AT OUR DISCRETION. We reserve the right to return any cards for any reason at sellers expense, even tho this will rarely happen and only in extreme cases. buylists will be modified AS OUR INVENTORY NEEDS ARE MET.


We are always interested in Sealed products from pretty much any game.

Furthermore all accessories related to a game, including but not limited to, Binders, Dice, Sleeves, Playmats, Deck Box, Books,etc are always of interest.

This includes ephemeras such as Posters, Sell Sheets, Standees, etc



Old Magazine around CCGs and more are also of our interest. Below a list of the Magazines we are looking for:

  • In-Quest
  • Scrye
  • The Duelist
  • Top Deck
  • Ventura
  • Shadis
  • Deckmaster
  • Excalibur (Italian)
  • Oracolo (Italian)
  • White Wolf Magazine
  • White Wolf: Inphobia